General Contract Conditions


General Contract Conditions:
1. The rented vehicle, accessories and extras arre received in perfect tecnical and aesthetic conditions and must be returned at the termination of this contract in the same perfect condition in which it was received.
2. The tarif includes a generall liability insurance and a third party insurance as well as coverage against robbery and fire for causes beyond responsibility of the lessee.
3. Fully comprehensive insurance does not cover the following points:
– Inadequate refuelling (wrong fuel).
-Damage to tires, hubs and interior of the vehicle.
– Loss or damage of car keys or remote locks. In case of damage or loss of keys the costs would be between 90 and 150 euros depending on the car model.
– Damage or loss of aerials, car jack, security triangles, reflective jackets, baby seat or deposit cap.
– Damages to the underside of the vehicle (e.g. oil pan.)
– Theft of vehicle with keys left in the starter lock of the vehicle.
– Driving under the effects alcohol, drugs and/or any other substances that may influence the relexes of the driver including any case of illness that may influence prejudice the physical state or reflex of the drivers.
4. It is strictly forbidden:
-Driving the car by any unauthorized person (other than stipulated in the list of names in this car rental agreement). The lessee is fully responsible for the drivers.
– Overloading of the vehicle and the transport of animals, combustibles or dangerous materials.
– Using the rented vehicles off-road or other roads that would be normály used for the same type of cars.
– Taking on or removing the vehicle from the island territory without explicit written permission of the lessor.
– To leave any objects visible in the car when parked in a public place which could lead to the subsequent forcing of the doors or of the windows or to the robbery of the cat itself.
5. Jurisdiction: Should any difference arise between both parties they mutually agree to submit themselves to the Courts of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, unless otherwise mutually agreed.